About Izzy

One Women Band

 Izzy (Maria Isabel Jeffery) was born on February 23rd, 2000 in Fort Worth Texas. From the start of the mill, she began immersing herself into a world of folk/bluegrass music which fascinated her to an inseparable obsession. The percussive and intricate manner in which she treats her guitar as well as her rhythmic accompanist (right & left foot maggee) has been enticing rooms since she first began hitting the stage a couple years back in her hometown.

           Early on, her father, a major life influence and advocate supporting her music career passed away due to cancer in 2013, forcing Izzy to begin venturing into the songwriting realm with a resilient and cautious frame of mind.  

Now, travelling around as a one woman band with a kick drum, tambourine and a raspy folk-driven voice, she is gradually making her way through the scene, appearing on/setting the stage for various respected Texas artists such as Garrett Owen, Charlie Shafter and Rodney Parker.   

Currently have released her debut demo album "Live at Blackshield Studio" and working on a full-length studio album, Izzy is performing regularly within the Fort Worth scene and is actively prepping for a Fall tour this upcoming October.   

A story is soon to be written.